Founder Manifesto, Nº10

My mission with Snctm now is to help people. Show them that sex is to be cherished. Help them find connection with each other. Monogamous, polyamorous, single, married, it doesn’t matter. Sex is very important for all of us. Snctm is here to help the world become more open and honest about sex. Without judgment, without saying what is best for each person. How could we know? We don’t know. We must provide a safe, opulent and beautiful experience to heal the world. This is my belief in everything I do moving forward with Snctm. From our new Snctm dating app to be released this summer in the App Store, to our Masquerade events in the US, Moscow and around the world. Being a guide for others is all I care about doing at this point in my personal evolution. If I’m not helping people with this endeavor, I will walk away and call it a day. Certainly, with incredible memories both joyous and sad, and a sense that indeed something special was created five years ago as I drew the oculus dei symbol. I knew at that moment, before Snctm was anything more than a distant vison of my mind, that something the world had never known was going to be real.

I have made many mistakes! By design I made Snctm about me and assumed for a very long time Snctm was about me. But it’s not. Snctm is my gift to the world, and only if the world wants it. It was exhausting being the keyholder for this experience, partially because I held such reverence for it, and also because I lost myself in it. My ego thrived and often my soul cried out to be saved from nights of madness that would stretch on for days and weeks at a time. As I neared a breaking point of excess, the loneliness of a broken heart (that I inflicted upon myself) and simultaneously the height of success in this world I was defining and making up as I went along, I decided a few things. One, I was self-destructing and needed to build a team around me to take over the workload, applications, running of events and all of that. Second, that I had better document some of this now, before it all went up in flames.

So, I made a three-minute reel of my life with a few friends who shot and edited it, and Showtime bought the concept. It was raw, real and began to tell the story of my life and the journey of others in the world of Snctm. This was to be a document of that moment in time. Then producers got involved, and what got made was a reality show. Nothing was real, it was all sets and extras. None of the events were real, because my actual members didn’t want to expose themselves publicly. The emotions were real enough given the setups we were all placed in. But it wasn’t anything like what I had envisioned. It was a learning experience, and I’m grateful for it. It opened the door to hundreds of thousands of people finding out about Snctm. But I believed it could be something so much more. In my eyes, it missed the mark. Showtime recently followed us on our first two trips to Moscow, for a special to be released this summer. It will be more of the same, hopefully capturing even a drop of the actual magic of the experience there. It won’t do it justice, I know because the best stuff doesn’t get filmed. It’s private, secret and beyond belief. But the Showtime guys are doing a fine job, and it will be entertaining. Unfortunately, there seems no way to actually document Snctm, because of the very nature of how private and secretive we all are about sex.

Now back to One, above. Handing over the reins to a competent team that once again, I am grateful for. In a way they saved my life. I was able to take a breather, to skip some events, to gather myself and separate myself from Snctm. It was a lot to handle for any man. One who is a total hedonist with all things pleasurable, alcohol, drugs and above all women, it was a particularly fragile balancing act I’m lucky to have survived. If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m not. I discovered everything I wanted and more. But I really came to understand the old adage “be careful what you wish for”. Also, the result of me stepping away emotionally, spiritually and physically left Snctm to fend for itself without a leader. Things began to deteriorate. Until last month, really just to show everyone I truly didn’t give a fuck, I held a house party called ‘Summer of Love’ in Hollywood to see what it would feel like. Snctm it was not, that’s all I need to say about that. Quite honestly, the last many Masquerade events in the US have been just OK. I say US because our Moscow parties have been perfection, my partners there deserve congratulations and accolades for the experience they are creating. I had lost my belief that Snctm makes a difference in the world, until I realized. This isn’t about me! I have been exploring every succulent drop of Snctm for over five years. I have learned immeasurable life lessons I would have found nowhere else and been liberated. But what about everyone else. How could I be so selfish? Would I walk away because I’ve found my answers? What a waste if that’s what I decided to do. But something else has overcome me altogether.

I’m going to change the rules of the game now, for your experience moving forward. The next five years, ladies and gentlemen, I’m in this for you. It’s my mission to deliver you from unsatisfying relationships, crumbling marriages, the need to lie, cheat and hide all the secrets you keep, for fear of what being truly authentic means. Snctm is the only place I have ever known where these revelatory conversations about sex take place without judgment, where relationships reignite, and where the truth of every one of us comes out into the light, for better or worse. Snctm is that rarified place where we all may find freedom. Once this path is taken, there really is no turning back. It’s not easy and we must be brave. But I can attest to the results of attending these events, to finding the deepest core of who I am as a human being on this earth and the kind of person I want to be, and it works.

(1) All who have already or will apply for attendance to a future Snctm event will be interviewed by me personally. Ideally in person, or by telephone. I am going to be curating all Masquerades in LA and NY with more personal attention than ever. This will be a painstaking and time-consuming endeavor, so for my sanity I will be allowing less people to join our gatherings. This will result in greater exclusivity of course, but that’s not the only reason. I want the experience to be lifechanging for every person in the room. All of us, every member, every guest, must be prepared to let down any veils of shame or fear so we can all get real. It’s one night in our lives, and it’s a very safe place to do so. It’s not about how much money or power you have, I’m honestly no longer impressed. I count rock stars and billionaires among our members. They can be just as lost, if not more so, then the rest of us.

(2) An Aurum level membership, at minimum, is required for any gentleman to attend a Snctm event in the United States. The Dîner ticket is available for nonmember couples attending Snctm for the first time. This is a way for us to get to know you, and also allow guests from around the world to enjoy a singular evening at Snctm. Anyone I personally choose to join us at a gathering will be there for good reason. A lovely couple or single gentleman with sophistication, class and beauty who cannot afford an Aurum membership will tell me during the interview process. If I believe you will add something memorable to our experience, and your only barrier is cost, we will work out a membership solution together. Snctm has never been solely about wealth, and if it has become that it’s time for a change. I will ask your verifiable net worth to help determine your contribution, and I expect an honest answer. Any deceit will result in a denied application. I am lowering the price of our entry level Aurum membership to $10,000 because, in addition to your annual contribution, you will be required to purchase a ticket or table to the event(s) of your choosing.

(3) A Dominus membership is an annual (not lifetime) membership allowing access to all events globally at no additional cost. Dominus members will also gain access to our private Dominus only VIP areas at all events. Dominus will be priced at $50,000.

(4) The Violet Key Benefactors memberships are all spoken for besides the last one remaining, VKB Nº3. The asking price is $1,000,000 and if interested, we will discuss together in person once a $100,000 deposit has been received.

(5) I will be directing our erotic theater again, alongside my creative directors in the US, Moscow and globally, telling the stories I began to tell years ago with more clarity of vision than ever before.

(6) Finally, I will be present at all of our events, hosting all our gatherings, being present for you, and making sure this experience truly is liberating and life changing for each and every person who enters our hallowed halls.

Blessings, Damon