Founder Manifesto, Nº13

Living in our diverse world we observe a battle back and forth between powers, this is truly nothing new. One side always rages against the moralistic ideals of the other. Our global community has been in some kind of war with itself from the beginning of civilization. It’s challenging not to be disheartened by the madness and unevolved behavior from all sides. It appears that surviving in this manner is what we are destined to keep on doing. 

I see a different path crystal clear though, one based on love and unity through the most powerfully unifying force for everyone living on this planet, sex!

Not the kind of sex we see so much of today throughout our degenerate civilization. That of men using women as servants of procreation touting religious doctrine, or opposite as soulless plasticized fuck dolls to be used and humiliated as pornography teaches, or even to “grab ’em by the pussy” without consent, as a gentleman running for President (who won the US election with nearly 63,000,000 votes) infamously stated. Because so many men in positions of religious and political power don’t want women to have erotic freedom at any cost, in places such as Africa, Asia and the Middle East over 200 million women have undergone genital mutilation procedures. This isn’t ancient times we’re talking about, it’s now! 

There is apparently no one else on the planet but I who either sees this unacceptable truth about the condition of human sexuality or is willing to talk about it openly. So, it is my honored path to be the voice for change.

Very soon we’ll release the SNCTM app and give everyone with an iPhone the opportunity to use it. That’s over 700 million people to start with. I hope to eventually reach billions of men with the message of consent and the golden rule of Snctm, to always ask before you touch! Also, to reach and empower hundreds of millions of sexually repressed women about their God given right to erotic freedom and personal pleasure. After years of seeking I’ve learned that through giving women their deepest sexual ecstasy, men can finally discover their most transcendent powers. The closest experience to the conception of God mankind can achieve is in sexual union with one another. All of us, regardless of a multitude of diversity that separates and makes us appear different, are unified in the act of creation by one thing, sex! Let’s make it really good sex.

I will continue to hold our private Masquerade events for those who can afford this otherworldly experience, and also share our gift of sexual enlightenment, and ultimately celebrate erotic freedom, with the entire world through the SNCTM app.


Blessings, Damon