Aurum Membership includes unhindered VIP entry into every United States of America fraternal order Masquerade including Los Angeles, Manhattan, & Las Vegas on an annual basis, open premium bar, expedited security checkpoints, and unlimited lady guest passes.

Dominus Membership additionally grants entry into our World Tour Masquerade including London, Cannes & Moscow on an annual basis, and access to the Dominus only private lounge. Inside this elite sanctuary awaits decadent indulgences many will never know. Dominus members participate in an initiation ceremony, gain access to free-flowing Cristal champagne served by our butler, and receive priority registration and theatre seating. The Dominus membership remains limited for the uppermost echelon worldwide.

Violet Key Benefactors pay nothing ever again once joined, and receive everything. They become family in the deepest meaning of the word. Everything from VIP tables at the Masquerade, to World Tour special event tickets and yacht parties are included for life, with top priority reservations guaranteed. All charges are completely waved. We are only inviting three VKB to join us. Once this triad is complete, this offer will never again be made available. VKB Nº1 and VKB Nº2 have already been acquired, there is only VKB Nº3 remaining. To inquire about attaining this most coveted opportunity visit Violet Key.

All new members are subject to a 3 month probation period, and may be removed for behavior unbecoming of a Snctm member. There are no refunds.

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